Practice Philosophy

Charis Family Clinic is a small family-centered practice that believes personalized care and relationship building are the basis for improving health outcomes.  Patients can schedule appointments on line at a time that works for them.  Same or next business day appointments are available.  When you call, you reach your health care provider or her personal answering machine.  In the case of an urgent concern after hours, you reach your provider by phone.  When you come in, we listen.  In order to keep our promise of excellent care, we limit the size of our practice.

Our core values 


We believe everyone deserves health care & work with you to remove barriers to your best health.


We respect the dignity and value of all.


Everyone has a story.  We are here to support you in your journey.


We practice care based on the latest treatment guidelines, with attentiveness to costs.


We take the time to address nutrition, exercise programs, supplements, and other components of your personalized plan.