Options for care through Charis Family Clinic


1.  Traditional Insurance

Charis Family Clinic accepts the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, WA Labor & Industries (new claims only), Molina  for children, Regence Blue Shield, Premera, PHCS/Multiplan, and Uniform. Due to limitations the following insurances place on the practice (including restricting our ability to care for those who are in need or uninsured), the practice does not contract with United Healthcare, Pacificare, or Medicare. If you are a Medicare-age client, note that you ARE able to receive care through Option #2.


2.  Uninsured Clients

We believe clients who are uninsured need options and deserve optimal health care too.

As of May 1st, 2010, there are three options if you are uninsured or underinsured:

1. 20% off of the usual fee schedule for paying in full at the time of service (as an example, a 15 min visit would cost $88, a 25 minute visit plus a blood draw would cost $128 for a visit; a physical would depend on age, but would cost on average $160 not including outside labs; a 50 min visit would cost $172).

2. The Charis Care plan, a $55/mo plan ($39/mo for children) is one of the most affordable programs in the entire state. It allows full access to Charis Clinic and its services, along with reduced fees for outside labwork.  We recommend this as the most economical plan.

3.  If you fall under 133% of the federal poverty level, there is the Access Charis Community Health Care option (see below).


3. Access Clients

For persons under 133% of the federal poverty level, we have established hours on a regular basis for providing free health care services to members of the public.  Please call for details, as total enrollment is limited.