Dr. Deonne Brown Benedict has been my family provider for the last 10 years. We have followed her to medical offices in Ballard, later one in Edmonds, and the last one in Lynnwood. Why do we follow her? Because she is the best! Dr. Brown Benedict has extensive medical knowledge, a caring disposition, and professional warmth! So many times, my family’s health has been blessed by her. In 1999, during a routine physical exam for HS sports, Dr. Brown Benedict found a lump on my 17 year old daughter’s throat. The surgeon was amazed by the fact that Dr. Brown Benedict found the lump by touch. As a result my daughter had the nodule (the size of a golf ball) removed, including half of her thyroid. She’s doing well today! I have had several UTIs, for which I go to the urologist every six months. He prescribed me some medicine with very unpleasant side effects. During one of my innumerable visits with Dr. Brown Benedict, I mentioned the side effects and she immediately suggested a different medication that would take care of my symptoms. I called my urologist, he said he had never prescribed that, but he would change my prescription. No side effects! Even my urologist learned something from my family physician! My daughter is expecting a baby, she feels confident that her son will also have the best healthcare provider! Everyone who knows Dr. Deonne Brown Benedict is excited for her starting her own family clinic. I personally invite you to be blessed by the best family provider, one who will listen to you and provide the best medical care for you!