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Founded in 2009 by Deonne Brown Benedict, Charis Clinic is a small practice that believes personalized care and relationship building are the basis for improving outcomes. Dr. Deonne has been an nurse practitioner for 25 years. Patients can schedule appointments online at a time that works for them.

We lost touch for a while for several reasons, but the most important thing is that I found her again and I will never lose touch again! Deonne’s the best health care provider I’ve ever had.
-- Breanna
You have been there for me at every stumbling point I have hit in the last 10 years or so of my life. You have been my provider, counselor, psychiatrist, advocate, mentor, and cheerleader, not to mention my friend. I often tell people you are the best Doctor in the world. I think another way to say it is that you are the kind of doctor everyone wishes they had; like an old school, country, small town doctor who takes care of you all your life, knows who you are inside and out and genuinely cares about you, but with all the skills and knowledge of today’s medicine. I am truly very lucky to have you as my Doctor (yes I know you’re a Nurse Practitioner!)
-- Steve
I have known Deonne and I trust her implicity. She is honest, compassionate, and very thorough.
-- K.C.
Dr. Benedict is such a caring, helpful NP. I've been seeing her for about 7 months now and I'm really happy with how I'm feeling these days and with the suggestions and medications she's prescribed to help me get back to healthy and happy life.
-- E.D.
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